Website Design and Build

Fast-loading, clear, intuitive, responsive, robust, secure and optimised for search engines. A good website should be all of these things.

The Second Sense web development team burns the midnight oil to ensure that our clients’ sites achieve all of this and more.

From a simple five page site to a media-rich multiple-page monster like ours, nothing phases us.

Our coders are experts in all the important disciplines, including css, HTML and HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, postgreSQL and Python.

And if none of the above means anything to you, we promise we won’t bamboozle you with technobabble – we’ll just give you what you need without you having to know how we did it.

Adding audio and video content to your site will not only improve the user experience and increase dwell times, it will help your site race up the search engine rankings.  Of course, Second Sense can help you there too.

Naturally we built our own site, but for another example of our web development work check out this site, and if you think we can help you, please get in touch.