Email Marketing

What you say + How you say it + When you say it + Who you say it to = Success

When email first started back in the last century it was just a handy alternative to Fax or ‘Snail mail’, but today with HTML presentation capability the norm, emails are more like responsive website pages that are readable on any device with the capability to embed all manner of images, video and audio.

This makes email a marketing tool with impressive capabilities, but only if you know how to manage it right:

  • How to avoid getting stuck in spam filters
  • How to comply with email/data protection legislation
  • How to manage client address lists
  • How to personalise each email
  • How to cope with high email volumes without server meltdown
  • How to achieve the greatest number of openings/click-throughs

At Second Sense we not only know how to create compelling media-rich email content. We also know how to maximise its impact. From a one-off marketing drive to a regular newsletter, talk to us about your next email marketing campaign today.