Radioplayer Apple Watch

Radio On Your Watch!?

Radio has always been a personal one-to-one medium.  Now, Radioplayer has taken that relationship and made it more personal than ever.

Nobody is quite sure whether the Apple Watch is going to take off, and if so in which direction – expensive timepiece, personal fitness monitor, organiser?

But one thing is for sure – remote music controller is one role the Apple Watch could feel very comfortable in, particularly since Radioplayer has just approved as an Apple Watch app in the UK.

Listeners wearing the watch can see what’s playing, and have access to their Favourites, Recommended, Recent and Local stations, with just a tap needed to switch.

“Radioplayer’s proud to be a digital pathfinder for the radio sector, and we’ll share what we’re learning with others building radio apps for Apple Watch” says Managing Director Michael Hill “Collaborating on technology makes our thriving industry even stronger.”

So maybe we’ll be able to add Radio to the long list of Apple Watch’s capabilities.   Time alone will tell (please forgive us for that!).

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