Nicholas Parsons

Car Finance 247 – 2017 radio

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For 2017, we introduced a new element to Car Finance 247’s radio commercials – the radio legend Nicholas Parsons. Nicholas is of course instantly recognisable, and adds a playful yet mature and trustworthy note to Car Finance 247’s messaging. We have also developed the musical theme we developed for the brand, remixing the track with lighter instrumentation and vocals to …


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A 1930s recording of an Old Time American classic was the inspiration behind the music on a new radio campaign for Unbeatablecar car supermarket. The Second Sense music team took the melody of “Because She Ain’t Built That Way” – written in the 19th Century and recorded by Asa Martin in 1931 – and gave it a modern country-folk treatment …

Eastgate “All About You”

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We created a musical identity for the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon which served multiple purposes by recording different arrangements for different applications. A Pharrell Williams vibe on this upbeat variation: An intimate Nu Folk sound on this arrangement: And a Christmas vibe:

Amigo Loans TV commercial 2016, music by Second Sense Media

Amigo Loans “Amazing Things”

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Amigo Loans have a constant presence in the broadcast media and compete within a crowded marketplace, so their advertising needs to stand out.  Second Sense was commissioned to compose and produce a musical identity which encapsulates the friendly tone of the Amigo brand.  Included here within the radio commercial “Amazing Things”, also produced by Second Sense.

Toolstation Radio

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Toolstation, part of the Travis Perkins Group, were looking for a new musical identity which hammered home the name, and wanted a way of getting across the breadth of products offered without resorting to a long and boring list. Our solution was a mix of a Britpop ‘rap’ featuring tradesmen, and the upbeat style and familiarity of James Corden.

Car Finance 247 girl in car

Car Finance 247

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Car Finance 247 wanted a musical identity that offered instant recall and familiarity without going to the expense of licensing a hit song. So we put a Madness slant on a song in the Public Domain – “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain”

Amigo Loans “Go Amigo!”

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Amigo Loans have an almost constant presence on TV and radio, and their commercials need to stand out from their competitors in the the crowded loans market. This execution uses a tune adapted from the classic children’s song “Ten In The Bed” – a real earworm. The voice is Derek Griffiths. This commercial was a finalist in the Best Use …