Benchmarx 2017 radio

ssadmin Sound

Rolling out new branches across the UK, Benchmarx were seeking a template they could use on stations around the country to support the openings.

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Remote Monitoring Limpet

ssadmin Vision

As part our support of the launch of Remote Dashboard, a breakthrough technical product currently being developed for the real-time remote monitoring of industrial infrastructure. This video explains the principle behind Limpet, the devices which feed data from pipelines, via satellite, to the Dashboard interface. The video was assembled from a mix of stock footage, stock images and custom animation.

Toolstation Radio

ssadmin Sound

Toolstation, part of the Travis Perkins Group, were looking for a new musical identity which hammered home the name, and wanted a way of getting across the breadth of products offered without resorting to a long and boring list. Our solution was a mix of a Britpop ‘rap’ featuring tradesmen, and the upbeat style and familiarity of James Corden.

Travis Perkins Landscape

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In the Spring of 2015, we produced a series of radio commercials promoting Travis Perkins Landscaping Trade Offers, aimed fairly and squarely at the Trade. The rhythm of the music is matched by Foley sound effects to highlight specific products. This campaign aired on talkSPORT nationally.

Travis Perkins St.Pancras

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Iconic British brand Travis Perkins is a regular user of radio, and this commercial heralds the launch of their showcase site in London.