Elliott Brothers 175th Anniversary

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Elliotts the builders merchant began trading in 1842 on the banks of the River Itchen at Northam , Southampton. 175 years on the company is flourishing with 12 branches throughout the south, and is still owned and run by the Elliott family. An incredible achievement which Elliotts quite rightly wanted to mark. Second Sense is helping Elliotts to bring the …

Révèle web commercial

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Cinema quality for web use. That was the brief from this young French company making contact sportswear for women. Four locations, one rugby team and a boxing match….this film acheived 40,000 views in its first day online.


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WeBuyAnyPhone.com is a challenger brand in the competitive mobile phone recycling market. Second Sense provides a regular feed of authority-building articles which are widely shared via social media channels. While the articles are designed to encourage mobile phone users to think about recycling their old handsets, the content is designed to be of general interest to any mobile phone owners. …

Onecom Header New York City

Onecom Header Video

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As the UK’s largest independent business telecommunications company, Onecom wanted to make a bold statement on their website, so Second Sense produced a fast moving timelapse sequence that tells the company’s story in less than a minute. Compiled entirely from well chosen stock footage and edited to the Onecom theme, composed and produced by the Second Sense music team.  

Liberis Video Testimonials

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Liberis Business Cash Advances realise the value of video and use it widely online. They wanted to feature testimonials from satisfied business owners, so we took their words, had them voiced by a professional actor, and animated a video to match.

Onecom Website

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Their website was an important part of a recent rebrand for Onecom. As the UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider, the company wanted to make a bold statement, so we started with an image and video-driven home page, a clean modern look and easy navigation. The landing page makes an immediate impression with full screen video, a Mondrian array of …