Amigo Loans TV commercial 2016, music by Second Sense Media

Amigo Loans “Amazing Things”

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Amigo Loans have a constant presence in the broadcast media and compete within a crowded marketplace, so their advertising needs to stand out.  Second Sense was commissioned to compose and produce a musical identity which encapsulates the friendly tone of the Amigo brand.  Included here within the radio commercial “Amazing Things”, also produced by Second Sense.

Toolstation Radio

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Toolstation, part of the Travis Perkins Group, were looking for a new musical identity which hammered home the name, and wanted a way of getting across the breadth of products offered without resorting to a long and boring list. Our solution was a mix of a Britpop ‘rap’ featuring tradesmen, and the upbeat style and familiarity of James Corden.

Amigo Loans “Go Amigo!”

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Amigo Loans have an almost constant presence on TV and radio, and their commercials need to stand out from their competitors in the the crowded loans market. This execution uses a tune adapted from the classic children’s song “Ten In The Bed” – a real earworm. The voice is Derek Griffiths. This commercial was a finalist in the Best Use …

Audi Paper Liberation

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As you’d expect, the visuals are stunning in this TV commercial for the Audi A7. The precise and understated sound design matches the pictures perfectly – composed and recorded by Second Sense’s music team.

Onecom Header New York City

Onecom Header Video

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As the UK’s largest independent business telecommunications company, Onecom wanted to make a bold statement on their website, so Second Sense produced a fast moving timelapse sequence that tells the company’s story in less than a minute. Compiled entirely from well chosen stock footage and edited to the Onecom theme, composed and produced by the Second Sense music team.  

BT Signal TV Commercial

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This track used for the BT Signal commercial featuring Kris Marshall came from the pen of the Second Sense composers.  

Beijing Olympics

Beijing Olympics Ident

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East meets West on the bumper for Sky TV’s Beijing Olympics coverage, created by Second Sense’s composers.

Onecom Ident

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As part of our ongoing relationship with Onecom, the UK’s largest independent business telecommunications provider, having created a sonic identity for the new brand style, we animated that brand in 3D, for use in online and offline video presentations.


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A skilful mix of sound design and just the right music from Second Sense’s composers and sound designers make already great visuals really come to life.