Explainer Videos: Examined, Explained and Exemplified

If someone handed you a corkscrew and asked you ‘how does this work?’ Would you:

  1. Write down a detailed explanation on paper on the way in which a corkscrew works and hand it to them?
  2. Verbally explain how the corkscrew functions?
  3. Grab a bottle and SHOW THEM?

Congratulations. You now understand why Explainer Videos are so powerful!

Definition: Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short piece of video which may be live action, animated or a combination of the two, usually no more than a few minutes in duration, which can be used on websites, social media and all other digital platforms to introduce a concept to an audience.

Whatever you need to get across to your audience, if you can’t do it in person the next best way is to do it on video, and sometimes it’s even better, because if you mess up in person you don’t get the chance to go back and fix your mistake before it’s seen!

The simplest way to think of an explainer video is to consider it your ultimate ‘Elevator Pitch’ i.e. if you only had the time from the ground floor to the top of the building in a lift to define to someone what it is your business or idea is all about (and through some magical quirk you had limitless space and resources to hand!) what would you do?

So now you know what an Explainer video is rather than continuing to explore them with the written word let’s take a look at some good examples:

As you can see the execution of Explainer Videos can be incredibly varied: live action, animated, graphic led or a combination – the key thing to consider though, if you are thinking about have one made, is your audience!

Ask yourself – after watching my Explainer Video will my target audience understand what I’m trying to explain?

For more details on producing Explainer Videos that really engage, contact Second Sense on 0333 577 2202

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